Best Calgary Neighborhoods You Should Know About

Best Calgary Neighborhoods You Should Know About

Are you considering relocating to or within Calgary? Here's a surprise for you!

Here is a list of five wonderful communities with a variety of home styles and exceptional amenities for your family to enjoy all year long.


Altadore has a variety of attached and detached homes. Because of its location in the south downtown, this community is easy to navigate because it is close to Sandy Beach Park, the river, and the route system.

Altadore's typical price as of summer 2022 is at $917,000. There are 38% detached properties here, including some magnificent multi-million dollar homes. Furthermore, 30% of the community is made up of infill homes or attached houses, while 23% are apartments.

Here's a fascinating truth. Many wartime bungalows on a large plot of land were subsequently sold. These bungalows were converted into two houses side by side throughout time, which is why Altadore today has many infills.

Altadore is a fantastic choice for families with children. One thousand two hundred people in this town are under the age of 14, accounting for 17% of the overall population in the area.

Hillhurst West

West Hillhurst is the next community on the list. The dwellings in this village north of the river are of various styles. If you are considering moving into this excellent community, there are various great infills, as well as a wide range of older homes and townhomes to pick from.

The median price in West Hillhurst in summer 2022 is around $812,000. Almost half of the neighbourhood, 45%, is made up of detached homes, 28% of which are semi-detached, and 23% of which are apartments.

This number is rapidly changing because many older homes are selling and these single detached homes are being converted into infills side by side, which are classified as semi-detached.

If you enjoy seeing children running around the neighbourhood, West Hillhurst may be the perfect option for your family. 17% of the community's population is under the age of 14, so you may expect 1,100 children to make friends with your children.

The best aspect is that West Hillhurst is basically walking distance from downtown. Our team has assisted numerous families who work downtown in purchasing homes in this region and riding their bikes all year. So, if that's what you're searching for, this is a terrific community for you.


The third community is located to the south of a beautiful park in Calgary. It has a wide range of housing kinds, but the best thing about it is that it offers both affordability and luxury. Evergreen is the name of this community.

Evergreen is fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful amenities and parks, such as Fish Creek Park. The interesting thing is that the median price in this community is only $528,000, making it significantly more cheap than many other nearby communities.

The detached home is the most common here, accounting for 77% of the neighbourhood. The next most common size of residence is an apartment, which accounts for 9% of the neighbourhood, therefore townhouses are a little smaller than anything else.

There are over 5,000 children here! That means that 23% of Evergreen's population is under the age of 14. So, if you're seeking for a fantastic community for your family, Evergreen could be a great option.

Bonavista Lake

If mid-century modern is more your style, Lake Bonavista may be for you. Lake Bonavista, one of Calgary's original lake neighbourhoods, features wonderful property types with outstanding views.Residents here enjoy the view of the well-kept, beautiful lake, where they may participate in a variety of activities not just during the summer but all year.


Edgemont is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in Northwest Calgary. If you are a family looking to downsize and move into an estate house, this is absolutely the place to look.

Edgemont has 16% of its population under the age of 14, which translates to approximately 2,500 children running around. There are numerous recreation facilities and attractions to select from. Living here provides convenient access to Nose Hill Park via the Shaganappi Trail.

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